Evan Lee Marbury - Your Realtor®


The Long and Foster Institute - 2015

Hampton University - 2009

I am Evan Lee Marbury, a native Washington D.C. resident proudly serving Better Homes and Gardens Premier.  

There are thousands of real estate salespeople ready for your business, how does someone choose? Questions of which company to go with; who to hire; what services are included bog down a process that should be enjoyable. Finding your home doesn't have to be so taxing.

I make it my job is to make the process clear and simple. Not all salespeople and brokerages offer the same services; so it's important to be informed to make a wise decision, especially in light of investing in one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

I've worked with all sorts of clients and a variety of properties across the Washington D.C. area.  From young families looking to move into their first home, business professionals searching for a spot in the heart of the city, new immigrants needing a place to live quickly, to homeowners selling and upgrading their homes

The gifts of such a diverse experience base helped me accumulate several "best practices" in the services I provide. From strategic marketing of homes for sale, to extensive experience in negotiating purchase agreements, I have honed my skill set to best serve my present and future clients. Innovation is key to success in today's real estate market.